Sick and tired of a society gone mad and the many laws passed daily that limit our freedom and liberty, we decided to voice our anger through our music. This Side of Anarchy’s music concerns how society is slowly destroying itself from within. Becoming perpetually pissed off we urge people to try to change their ways and make this world a better place. Only by changing yourself can you help change the world. In the words similar to one of my latest songs - Who are you to tell others what to do?

This Side of Anarchy is from Los Angeles and currently consists of Dennis who writes, records, performs, and produces the music. He has always been committed to a total DIY attitude. From late 80′s to late 90′s Dennis was mainly in Los Angeles Punk Band Society Gone Madd!. During the early 90's he also played in the bands Three Women in Black and Man Can't Live which meant he was playing in 3 bands during that time period. After writing, recording and touring from the early 80's to the millennium, needed to take some time off to refresh and help raise a family. Dennis is now angrier than ever at how bad society is and is expressing it through his music.

Our new EP mainly deals with others trying to control our lives and our debut album deals with the rise, proliferation and evils of communism from the beginning of the 20th Century until the present day.

This Side of Anarchy is on VIAble UTTerance records